Direct Hire Solutions

As a talent sourcing manager, you have the aim to hire talent that fits your organization in many aspects. Not just a person with the required skill set, but someone who is a cultural match and has the right mindset as well. We understand that making the right hire at the right time can have a tremendous impact on your team. That is why we offer tailored Direct Hire Solutions that suit your needs when the situation requires.

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Dar Al Riyadh Client Support Services Approach

Talent Recruitment is at the heart of our Client Support Services Division. Finding direct-hire talent for your long-term needs requires different recruiting techniques than traditional temporary and contingent staffing. Our Direct Hire Solutions are not designed merely to fill an open position, but to find the best possible person who’s ready to build a career with your organization and become an integral part of your organization value set. That is why we have several solutions specifically focused on helping you find the right talent for your organization, whether it’s one person or many. Our Client Support Services Division offers relief from the labor- and time-intensive activities related to the hiring process by acting as an extension of your own recruiting and hiring efforts.

Our recruiting team will take the time to understand your needs and philosophy. At the same time, our expert niche recruiters, who all have industry-specific experience, explore proactively our national and international networks to trace and approach top candidates and learn what makes them tick.

Before suggesting potential candidates, we apply a comprehensive assessment of the candidate’s match with the brief. Our robust interviewing approach ensures us that we suggest the appropriate right candidate for the role. Depending on the function level, initial interview sessions take at least 40 minutes and cover many topics, including the candidates’ past experiences, acquired skills, strengths and weaknesses, personality, career goals, cultural fit and possible reference checks. Our goal is to uncover the intrinsic person behind the CV.

In each client relationship, we are transparent regarding possible deliverables and potential constraints, considering conditional aspects, such as time frame and rewards.

Saudi Arabia has many dimensions when it comes to talent sourcing and recruitment which is a challenge for many local companies and this is where our 25 year’s of experience is a unique proposition.

Our direct hire services include all beneath listed business segments

  • Banking, finance and insurance
  • Construction
  • Infrastructure and transportation
  • Petrochemical, oil and gas
  • Mining
  • IT, telecom and MVAS
  • Utilities and energy
  • Logistics and procurement
  • Defense and security
  • Hospitality
  • Healthcare