Geodesy & Survey Works

Dar Al Riyadh Geomatics Services & Solutions offer you a suite of modern survey techniques to serve your needs. Whether your objective is to establish ground control points (geodesy), or boundaries for ownership, we have the right solution available for you.

Our expertise

  • GPS/GNSS and Geodetic Surveying
  • Utility Detection
  • As-Built Mapping
  • Precise Leveling
  • Setting-out Surveying
  • Land Information and Cadastral Surveying
  • Hydrographic Surveying

Contact Us

  • Dr. Osman Akif
  • Projects Manager
  • + 966 11 263 86 60 Ext: 1145

Our surveying teams work with all aspects of geometry, trigonometry, physics, and the law to bring the best result. Our tool set consists among others of robotic total stations, GPS receivers, 3D scanners, digital levels, GIS and surveying software.

A Selection of Our Portfolio

MOMRA Geospatial Data Update
Multiple Locations

MOMRA Geospatial Data Update

This project covers 200 Municipalities in 4 phases supporting the Ministry for town planning. The project aim is to transform and update the…

General Commission for Survey Geodetic Level Network

General Commission for Survey Geodetic Level Network

Scope of work: Establishment and development of the geodetic level network which includes sea level calculation and adjustments for more than 6000 km…