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People & Culture

At Dar Al Riyadh, we define our culture as the nexus of Our People, Our Leadership, and Our Core Values represented in Dar Al Riyadh’s COMPASS. We take a deliberate approach to the key business processes that influence our ability to shape and strengthen the people-centered and high-performance culture that we are known for.

People are everything in a services company … People who share the same culture, and the same core values, live them, apply them are the ones who will preserve the future.

Prince Mohammed bin Turki Al Saud

Vice Chairman

Robust Internal Communication

Internal communication is one of the essential enablers of our high-performance culture. An organization that communicates effectively with its people will shape a productive, high-performance culture.

At Dar Al Riyadh, we developed a set of effective internal communication channels to help facilitate the seamless follow of information, expectation, and challenges both from the business leadership team to the frontline and from the front line to the business leadership teams. These channels include Dar Al Riyadh Home, Dar Al Riyadh WhatsApp Channel, Dar Al Riyadh News, Townhall and e-Townhall meetings, talent forums, and periodic surveys.

Through our effective use of these channels, we developed the critical organizational competency of “organizational listening” making the PEOPLES VOICE the prime drive of our continuous efforts to shape and strengthen our high-performance culture.

Dar Al Riyadh Unique Culture

The first step towards shaping the organizational culture is having a clear definition. At Dar Al Riyadh, we invested a great deal of time and efforts in defining our culture using two dimensions.

The first dimension focuses on translating the five core values of Dar Al Riyadh COMPASS into a lived reality through the daily actions and decisions of our people. We share with our people the expected behaviors associated with each core value that math their level in the organization. In addition, we communicate the expected behaviors in the top 5 languages that represent the mix of our local and international talent.

The second dimension focuses on breaking down the construct of culture into sub-cultures to help our people appreciate the various facets that come together to form our unique culture. These sub-cultures include the culture of continuous learning and growth, the culture of collaboration, the culture of accountability, the culture of knowledge sharing, and the culture of trust and integrity.

Testimony to the Quality of People & Culture Program

In line with Dar Al Riyadh COMPASS, the value of Excellence, in particular, we always subject our business practices to the scrutiny of international standards set by the relevant professional bodies. Our People & Culture programs and practices are no exception. Our focus and commitment towards our people culminated in Dar Al Riyadh winning the following international prestigious awards:

Awards & Achievements
ATD Best Award Winner (2022)
Second Employer of Choice across the MENA Region (2021)
Overall Best Practice® Standards Award Winner (2021)
Ranked # 3: Top Companies to Work for in Saudi Arabia

Structured People Engagement and Development

At Dar Al Riyadh, PEOPLE is an integral element of our value system represented in Dar Al Riyadh COMPASS. We take the safety and well-being of our people seriously.

We provide them with growth opportunities, and we partner with them to unleash our collective potential. Our unwavering commitment to our People is reflected in our talent development programs, in our operational and strategic decisions, our recognition programs, and our holistic employment value proposition. We measure people's engagement every year and introduce carefully designed initiatives based on our people’s valuable insights and feedback.

We developed different structured talent development programs addressing our people development goals at different stages of their careers ranging from the Young Talent Development Program to the Leadership Development Program. In addition to the structured talent development programs, we provide many learning and growth opportunities including the self-development program, the specialized communities of practice, the corporate library, the technical exchange forums, and the Dar Al Riyadh PMP Marathon Program.

Rigorous Leadership Selection and Development

At Dar Al Riyadh, we share a deep-seated belief that leaders play an instrumental role in shaping the culture of the organization. The collective behaviors, actions, and decisions of leaders at all levels are a reflection of the company's culture.

This is the reason we take leadership selection and development seriously. We have put in place a rigorous process to help us identify and select great leaders whose values are aligned with Dar Al Riyadh COMPASS and who have a real passion for developing themselves and their team members. Once selected and onboarded, we work with our leaders to support them as they practice their roles as champions of Dar Al Riyadh culture.

At the heart of our leadership development efforts lies one of our signature programs. The “Dar Al Riyadh Manager Effectiveness Program", supports our leaders in developing the critical competencies that influence the quality of the relationship between the leaders and their team members.